About Us

We will nurture them in Christian living by providing a household of faith, fellowship and service, with the Bible as our guide. 

We will provide opportunities for members to cooperate in service to the community. 
And we will promote the acceptance and observance of the Biblical Sabbath.

Our Church Covenant

Since God, by His grace, has brought us into fellowship with Himself, through Jesus Christ our Savior from sin, 

and into fellowship with each other through faith in Him, we acknowledge His Lordship over us.

Therefore, we enter into covenant with our God and each other, as the Seventh Day Baptist Church of North Loup, Nebraska,

Solemnly agreeing to live according to the following covenant.

We covenant and agree that we will live by faith in Jesus Christ and in fellowship with each other in this church;

(1)  That we will take the Bible, God's Word, to be our final authority in matters of faith and life and will strive to pattern our lives on it's precepts, endeavoring, through His Spirit, to keep the commandments of God;

(2)  That we will each look out for the other's interests and serve each other in Christian love as any has need; 

(3)  That we will observe God's Holy Sabbath out of love for God, in worship, in study and in service, attending the services of the church, as we are able;

(4)  That we will seek Divine aide to enable us to turn away from all harmful and evil practices, trying by word and deed to represent our Lord, Jesus Christ and His love in all our personal relationships.