Camp Riverview

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Camp Riverview is our church owned and operated Christian camp. Part of the Seventh Day Baptist Mid-Continent Association Camps, it is situated on the picturesque North Loup River. This camp has been enjoyed by generations of Seventh Day Baptist and North Loup, Nebraska area youth.

At other times throughout the year, Camp Riverview is utilized by various groups, organizations, and families wishing to spend a weekend, or a week, in the beauty of God's glorious creation.

Facilities include:
 full commercial-type kitchen with stoves, ovens, pantry, refrigerators, freezers, lots of work space, and 4 sinks. The new air conditioned King's Lodge, which is attached to the kitchen, has a serve-through window which can be closed for privacy. The lodge is used as a dining hall and meeting/study room as well. There are two dormitories, shower/restroom facilities, an air conditioned cook shack, basketball hoops, and volleyball net.

For more information about using Camp Riverview for your group or activity, contact Duane Psota @ 308-202-0702 or