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Scripture-based prayers for Pastors:
Lord, by Your Holy Spirit, anoint Pastor Scott to preach, and bring apostolic results (Acts 2:37). As my pastor speaks the Word, let sign and wonders follow confirming it (Mark 16:20). 
Let the sick be healed; let the oppressed be set free. Anoint Pastor Scott with the truth (Matthew 16:17). Let people be cut to the heart and accept Jesus Christ.

Pastor Scott's Weekly Devotionals

No End in Sight

“Are your parents still together?”  It was a straightforward question. He asked her because he was trying to get to know her better.  She was not at all surprised or offended by the question, because the obvious truth is that not all parents stay together; not all marriages last.  Some marriages end with the death of a spouse, and some end in divorce or separation.  Some marriages end because of neglect, some because of infidelity, and some because of abuse.  The bottom line is that not all marriages last.  Some do, and some don't.

In this broken world, many things that we hope will last just don't. Relationships, health, and jobs are a few examples.  Is there anything in this world that does last, that is truly permanent?  For now, let me mention just one:  God's love for us.  God's love for us is unending. But how can this be?

I guess one of the easiest ways for me to understand God's love is to see it as unconditional.  God loves us no matter what we say, no matter what we do.  Perhaps He won't be pleased by something we say or do, but that will not change His love for us.  His love is constant, even though our behavior is not, because His love is unconditional.

If you're a parent, you understand this.  Though your children might misbehave, they are still your children.  They are still yours.  You still love them.  You will always love them.

I hope my message this week seems incredibly simple to you, because it is incredibly simple.  God's love for us is not rocket science. It's plain and simple:  God loves us.  Period.

If you ever find yourself doubting God's love for you, just pick up a Bible and read any of the four gospels; or read the book of Romans; or read the book of Ephesians.  Or listen to what the little children sing:  “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.”  We don't need to feel God's love in order to experience God's love.  His love for us is real, and it will never end.  Period.

Sharing the journey,

Pastor Scott
          Meet Pastor Scott Hausrath

 Born in San Jose, California in 1961, Pastor Scott was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In 1980, while  attending the University of California at Berkeley, he heard the gospel and became a Christian, thanks to the  ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.

 Desiring to serve in gospel ministry, Pastor Scott attended Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, where he first met  Seventh Day Baptists. He became a member of the San Gabriel Valley SDB congregation and was blessed  through the ministry of Pastor John and Ruthie Peil. Upon graduating from Fuller, Pastor Scott was given the  opportunity to minister with the Foothill SDB congregation in Montrose, CA.

After pastoring in Montrose for fifteen years, he stepped down and moved to Redmond, Washington, to assist his step-mother in taking care of his father, who was struggling with Parkinson's Disease. While in Washington, Pastor Scott was very blessed to enjoy the fellowship of the Seattle Area SDB Church. He was particularly touched by the ministry of Pastor Ken and Ruth Burdick.

Shortly after his father's death in August of 2011, Pastor Scott was contacted by the North Loup, Nebraska SDB Church, who were seeking a minister. Upon accepting the congregation's call to ministry, he began pastoring in North Loup on February 1, 2012.