♥ Heart Issues ♥ - a Devotional for Women

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.  Proverbs 4:23
Heart Issues is a collection of devotional teachings straight from the heart of God, given during those quiet times of fellowship, to share with you.  It is our desire that, through them, you will experience God’s love and His purpose for your life.            


I was visiting with someone the other day. In the course of our conversation, the topic of Christ’s return came up. I shared a little of what God had been showing me, most of it dealing with the false messiahs that will appear and how easily people will fall for their lies. I voiced my personal concern: Will I be able to remain faithful to the end? Is my faith strong enough to withstand the wiles of the devil? Solid enough to keep me standing when others around me may fall? Unashamed? Or will the fear of physical pain and death make me an easy target for the enemy?

Now, before I go on, I want to make it perfectly clear that what the other person said in response is in no way meant to draw attention to me. That would be the exact opposite of what I am wanting this post to be about. I want the words that you are reading right now to bring your eyes, your hearts, your focus on Christ - and nothing else.  On no one else!

The other person said, “I don’t see you ever backing down in your faith in God.” Here’s what I want you to glean from this statement. Not that Darlene has it all together or is somehow better than anyone else. What I want you to take away from this is that WHATEVER WE GO THROUGH, NO MATTER THE TRIALS, THE FEARS, THE PERSECUTION - IT IS CHRIST WHO LIVES IN US. IN HIM WE HAVE OUR BEING and WITHOUT HIM WE ARE NOTHING. IT IS HE, AND HE ALONE, WHO GIVES US THE STRENGTH TO GO THROUGH THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH AND COME OUT ON THE OTHER SIDE IN VICTORY!

So, how do we get to this place in our faith? I believe the key can be found in the words that Jesus will say to us when we reach our final Home: “Well done, good and faithful servant.” The key is not that *I* did well. It’s not that I was “good.” Rather, it’s that I was a servant!

Think about it. What did a servant have? Nothing of his own. His earnings, his clothes, his lodging, his well-being were provided for him - by his master! And what did a servant do? Only what his master told him to do! And he was only able to do his master’s biding because the master provided all the tools he would need to fulfill that calling.

Once we put ourselves in the position of a servant, we will realize this is our ultimate goal: to acknowledge that *everything* we have and are came from our Master’s hand. We are able to be obedient to His biding because He provided everything we need to fulfill our calling. And we will be able to stand firm before the “accuser of the brethren” (Revelation 12:10) because God has made us who we are. We are His, through Jesus Christ. He has given us the tools to overcome all the trials, the deceptions, the fears because He has given us *His* wisdom, *His* discernment, *His* strength, *His* courage.

Because He is, because He provides, we can face whatever tomorrow may bring (Romans 8:10). Live as His servant, obey Him as Master, thank Him for His provisions - and we *will* stand before Him unashamed (Romans 10:32).

From God’s heart to ours…..

Heart Issues is written by Darlene Psota, gathered from her quiet times with God. It is her prayer that, in sharing His heart, you will come to know Him more intimately. Darlene was born and raised in a Christian home in North Loup. After marrying her high school sweetheart they moved to Iowa where they raised their two daughters. It was there she received her degree in ministry and taught in a local Bible College. She and her husband Duane have since moved back to North Loup where they are once again active in the Seventh Day Baptist Church. Their life has come full circle. Their family continues to grow with the addition of a fourth grandchild. Most importantly they continue to grow in their faith as they see God's hand on every facet of their lives. They love sharing Jesus with others and pray God's blessings over you and yours. Enjoy this time in His presence.